lord_of_the_flies_lego.jpgWelcome to Honorspedia!

Mrs. Contreras' Honors 9 English is now virtual. As this class tends to love discussion, this site has been created to share ideas, discuss class topics, collaborate on projects and become a community of writers about life and literature. With this wiki, the Contreras Honors 9 experience can happen all the time rather than every other school day. This website can be accessed and edited from any internet connection. However, students shouldn't assume that posting in their pajamas and bunny slippers will make it ok not to conduct themselves in a school appropriate manner. Feel free to browse student pages, make corrections and suggestions, comment on discussions and use this site to engage with students, teacher and content!

Activities for Thursday, March 24:

Finish tasks from previous classes or correct story pages.

Activities for Wednesday, March 16:

Finish tasks from last class.

Write a short essay about Maupassant's use of symbolism in "The Necklace." Name the page "your name+Necklace" and give it the tag "Short Story Unit."

Finish your personal narrative or creative writing for class anthology. Post it onto a new page titled "your name + A title for your piece" and give it the tag "Class Anthology."

Go to this link and complete today's poetry assignment.

Activities for Monday, March 14:

Read the poem at the link and make a discussion post that answers the following questions:
  1. Describe how imagery is used in this poem.
  2. Describe the use of irony in this poem.
  3. Describe the rhyme scheme of the poem.

***Click on the link for today's assigment. Select your favorite short story, Identify and describe each literary element found in the story you've selected.

      • Make final corrections to your essay. Do your vocab page. E-mail me and your editing partner.

      • Create a page titled "Your name and Lessons Learned" Tag it "Short Story Unit." Write a short essay about one of the short stories describing the lesson that the main character learned and how it relates to a main theme of the story.